A selection of older clip links is below. Please contact me if you're interested in seeing more.

Agent's Sales Journal -- "Funding Our Future"

Agent's Sales Journal -- "HSAs: Unlocking the Vault"

Agent's Sales Journal -- "Annuity Producers: We're Optimistic...Sort Of"

American Agent & Broker -- "Trusted Advisors: Upping Your Game"

American Agent & Broker -- "Agency Technology Today and Tomorrow"

American Agent & Broker -- "Find and Crack New Markets"

BizTech -- "BYOD Works Like a Charr for Businesses"(No, that's not a typo!)

BizTech -- "How iPads Are Changing Businesses"

Bowling Center Management -- "When Location Isn't Everything"

Bowling Center Management -- "Are You Ready For a Foodservice Franchise?"

Employee Benefit Adviser -- "It's Time to Improve Therapy Adherence"

Enterprise Networking Planet -- "Here Comes SkyDrive"

Enterprise Networking Planet -- "Network Monitoring Solution for the Cloud"

Enterprise Networking Planet -- "Getting IT Projects Funded"

Facility Management Journal -- "FM Success Starts Here"

For The Record -- "Patient Portals: A Window to Information"

For The Record -- "How to Fix Poor Dictation"

For The Record -- "Short Stays, Complicated Decisions"

Green Builder -- "Partnering for Profits"

Office Furniture Dealer -- "Why Price (Almost) Never Wins a Contract"

Processor -- "Reduce Your Android Security Risks"

Processor -- "Social Networking's Balancing Act"

Processor -- "Is Your Data Center Ready for Alternative Power?"

QSR Magazine -- "How to Tap Into the Mom Network"

QSR Magazine -- "In the Know"

QSR Magazine -- "The Changing of the Guard"

Recreation Management -- "Be Safe: Risk Management in Recreation"

Recreation Management -- "Go Play!"

Recreation Management -- "Dive in for Healthier Bodies & Minds"